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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Connecting me into reality, together with my practicality to go farther into the world of certainty including all of my desire to go beyond web 2.0, is quit confusing! Why? because it's new, and i don't have the idea if I'm going to accept that.

Meanwhile, as i looked forward to the future, i might rather asked myself to the questions that seldom i can't be able to explain but as life goes through, i came to the point that i kept on meditating and come up with this big question mark?,"Why is that everything’s change?”,” Why changing is so quick?”, and suddenly I realize that it is impossible to stop something that is meant to be done, something that is made for us to open our eyes to see what is really happen in our life and to accept something that we lost or gain.

All of these must have the reason why it’s happened, maybe for a better or sometimes those results into destruction.

Destruction of feelings, emotions and often obliterate the lives of other ensuing into death.

Changing is permanent, so there’s a need for us to keep on learning, exploring, expanding and discovering regarding about new including knowledge, technologies, buildings, machines and everything.

Don’t waste our time for nothing, make it for a purpose and most especially, cherish every moment of our life.

Just keep on smiling to every person you see, because life is short.